Following is a list of research related events and activities that include internal activities specifically organized for JIBC faculty and staff as professional development.  Also listed are events where select community research partners are invited to participate as well as those open to the public.  

The JIBC Library has a comprehensive listing of conferences pertinent to the fields of emergency management, community safety, and education.  Please visit the JIBC Library.

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Applied Research Day


 8th Annual JIBC Applied Research Day


Event Program

The 8th annual event aims to raise awareness of the important role applied research plays in scholarship, student engagement and solving real world issues, and showcases student led research of JIBC undergraduate students. 

Keynote Speaker:  The Use of Research in Developing Public Safety Professionals

Steve PalmerSteve Palmer, P. Eng. Executive Director, Collaborative Centre for Justice & Safety and Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research & Treatment, University of Regina 

Learn how research informs practice, the need for evidence based practice, and future research priorities in public safety.

Applied Research Day will Feature:

  • Capstone Student Presentations 
  • Speed Research – Faculty and Students
  • Applied Research Updates
  • Posters on Display in the Atrium Thursday and Friday

 Photo credit: Jane Brokenshire

 Dates/times:Thursday April 5th , 2018  

Presentations: 8:30 am - 1:30 pm (Theatre)
Poster Displays: Thursday and Friday (Atrium)

 Location:JIBC, 715 McBride Boulevard, Theatre/Atrium
Note:  Live webcast will be available at 
 REGISTRATION:Please  email with "Applied Research Day" in the subject so we know how many people to expect.
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Archived Events, Presentations & Activities


7th Annual JIBC Applied Research Day


Event Program

The 7th Annual event creates awareness of the important role of applied research, innovation and scholarship in student and stakeholder engagement, solving real world issues through applied research.  The event will focus on student led research.

Dr. Darryl Plecas, MLA Abbotsford South

Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Darryl Plecas, MLA Abbotsford South
Enhanced learning and student engagement through applied research involvement


Applied Research Day will Feature:

  • Capstone Student Presentations 
  • Speed Research – Faculty and Students
  • Applied Research Updates
  • Posters on display in the atrium all day
Friday April 7, 2017  

Presentations: 8:30 am - 1:30 pm (Theatre)
Poster Displays: Thursday and Friday (Atrium)



Annual JIBC Discovering Applied Research Day
The Value of Student Led Research


Event Program

The 6th annual JIBC Discovering Applied Research Day event creates awareness of the important role applied research plays in scholarship, student and stakeholder engagement, while provides examples of the excellent work being done at JIBC. The April event has a focus on student led research.

Keynote Speaker:  How UFV has embedded students in research - successes and lessons learned along the way

Dr. Irwin M. Cohen, Associate Professor
Senior University Research Chair, RCMP Crime Reduction Director|
Centre for Public Safety and Criminal Justice Research
School of Criminology & Criminal Justice, University of the Fraser Valley

The Day will Feature:

  • Four Capstone Student Presentations 
  • Ten Speed Research – Faculty and Students
  • School and Research Updates
  • 30+ posters on display in the atrium all day

Thursday April 7, 2016  

Speakers & Presentations: 12:45 pm - 4:30 pm (Theatre)
Poster Displays:   8:00 am - 4:30 pm (Atrium)

Location: JIBC, 715 McBride Boulevard, Theatre/Atrium
Note:  Live webcast will be available at 


Fill in the online Registration FORM   
or stop by to catch some of the amazing presentations. 


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5th Annual JIBC Discovering Applied Research Day 
Connecting The Dots


Event Program

Applied Research Day is aimed at creating awareness of the important role of applied research with scholarship, student engagement and solving real-world issues. The focus is connecting the dots between research and data-informed decision making and how applied research influences public policy, informs and enhances training practices, and advances professional development.

Keynote Speaker: Len Garis,  Fire Chief, City of Surrey
Evidenced-Based Decision Making 

  • Panel with guest Research Associates & Vice President Academic  
    • Doug Abrahamson, Sheila Turris and Lorraine Styles
  • Student research presenters
    • Sybille Sanderson, Saskia Holditch and Mariano Perini
  • Applied research and student engagement -Skills Framework
  • Speed research and poster presentations 
  • Door prizes!

Research Day Program 

Dates/times:Thursday February  19, 2015



4th Annual JIBC Discovering Applied Research Day
"Roadmap for Applied Research

Professional Development Event


Event Program

Learn more about scholarship and applied research at JIBC and how applied research influences public policy and informs and enhances training practices and advances professional development.

Keynote Speaker: Making Applied Research Work: Applied Research and WorksafeBC

  • Lori Guiton, Director, Compensation and Assessment Policy &Research Services, WorksafeBC
  • Dr. Ian Pike, UBC Department of Medicine
  • Drazen Manojlovic, Vancouver Police Department 
  • Heather Lyle, Emergency Management BC
  • Dr. Cecile Lacombe, Ministry of Innovation, Technology and Citizen's Services
  • Student Research presenters: Bill Stoner (Fire Rescue), Ray Monteith (Emergency Response) & Michelle Finlay
  • Proposed Student Research Framework - facilitated discussion (What are the expectations of students & faculty?, requisite skills development, course laddering, etc.)
  • Speed Research and Poster presentations

Door prizes!

Dates/times:Friday February 21, 2014



3rd Annual JIBC Discovering Applied Research Day

Plenty of Research: How to Find Your Ideal Match

  • Keynote Speaker Dr. Ross Paul "Building a Long-Term Relationship".
  • Presentations, breakout sessions and a special feature of "speed research"
  • Program
  • Dates/times:Thursday February 21, 2013
    InformationFor more information contact



    Title:  2nd Annual JIBC Research Day - Professional Development Event
    Presenters: Agenda
    Dates/times: Thursday February 16, 2012 
    Location:   JIBC, 715 McBride Boulevard, Theatre/Atrium




    Title: Official release of Research Report: "Domestic Violence Prevention and Reduction in British Columbia (2000-2010)"
    Prepared by:  Katherine R. Rossiter, PhD candidate, The FREDA Centre, SFU
    Prepared for:  The Centre for the Prevention & Reduction of Violence, JIBC
    • Katherine Rossiter, Associate Director, The FREDA Centre, SFU
    • Tracy Porteous, Executive Director, Ending Violence Association of BC
    • Dr. Greg Anderson, Dean, Office of Applied Research, JIBC
    Dates/times:  Monday December 5, 2011, 9:00 am 


    Title:  Official release of Research Report: "This is a man's problem": Strategies for working with South Asian male perpetrators of intimate partner violence
    Researcher:  Gary Thandi, MSW with Dr. Bethan Lloyd, PhD
    • Gary Thandi, MSW, Registered Social Worker
    • Dr. Rajpal Singh, Psychologist, Registered Clinical Counselor
    • Kashmir K. Besla, MA, Registered Clinical Counselor
    Dates/times:  Monday November 21, 2011, 3:00 pm 



    The South Asian Community Champions Against Domestic Abuse Forum


     Community members/activists with extensive experience working with South Asian families:
     - Dr. Rajpal Singh, PhD, RCC
     - Kashmir K. Besla, MA, RCC
     - Daljit Gill-Badesha, MA

    Held:  Sunday April 10, 2011  (1:00  to 4:00 PM)
    Location:  The Grand Taj Banquet Hall at 8388 128th Street, Surrey, BC

    The free forum provided an opportunity to take what the ‘A Process of Discovery’ research participants have indicated is an important initiative, to involve South Asian community members in prevention efforts in reducing intimate partner violence, and transform it into action.  The event was facilitated in Punjabi and the facilitators' powerpoint slides in English.  The forum gathered 'community champions,' - South Asian community members who are concerned about intimate partner violence in their communities and wanted to learn about the tools they can use to address violence (i.e. supporting and speaking out for the victim, being a link for an at-risk family in connecting them with counselling and support services, speaking to the abusive man if safe).

    It was also an opportunity for community members to stand united against all forms of violence. The forum was intended to be strengths-focused. Besides the education and skill-building components, space was allotted for community organizations to set up tables with information about resources and services in Surrey and surrounding areas. Brought to you by the JIBC Centre for the Prevention & Reduction of Violence and the Office of Early Childhood Development, Learning and Care Surrey/White Rock with funding contribution from the Department of Justice Canada to commemorate The National Victims of Crime Awareness Week: Many Voices, Many Paths (April 10-16, 2011).  Information Flyer


    Title: JIBC Research Day 2011: Building and Enhancing Applied Research Capacity

    Thanks to our hosts and presenters:  Frances Grunberg, Michel Tarko, Jack McGee, Carol Amaratunga, Arthur J. Hanson, Laurie Pearce, Jim Carter, Silvia Raschke, Karen-Marie Perry, Ron Bowles, Karla Gronsdahl, Robert Walker, Gary Thandi, Tannis Morgan, Keith Wilkinson, Stuart Ruttan, Teresa Howell, Laurie McAvoy, Bethan Lloyd and Karen Hodson. 

    Held: February 17, 2011
    JIBC Research Day provided an opportunity for JIBC Faculty, Staff, Research Associates and Community Researchers to learn more about the JIBC’s applied research activities, projects and partnerships. The purpose of the day was to ‘showcase’ applied research projects and to provide a ‘learning’ forum for Faculty and Staff to share their experiences as both learners and researchers in degree and graduate degree programs. Participants heard from their peers within the Institute e.g. those who are currently engaged in research and research applications: e.g. knowledge generation and educational product development. Research Day 2011 was co-hosted by the Office of VP Academic and the Centre for Prevention and Reduction of Violence.   View the videos for parts of the event.


    Title: Synthetic Training Environments: Do the Lessons Learned Translate to Real World  Performance
    Presenter: Greg Krätzig, Training, Innovation and Research, RCMP Depot Division
    Held: October 1, 2010
    An overview of research regarding the use of simulation exercises with the RCMP Cadet Police Driver Training program as well as the preliminary study involving firearms was presented to a select group of JIBC staff, faculty and invited guests.   The initial results of the pilot studies indicate improved skills when applied simulations technology is utilized. 


    Title: Open House of the New JIBC Research Commons
    Location: Unit 200, 800 McBride Boulevard (Royal Square Mall)
    Held: April 22, 2010

    The new JIBC Research Commons is an expansion of the Office of Applied Research.  It will house the Centre for the Prevention and Reduction of Violence (CPRV) and the Centre for Community Resilience (CCR) which includes the Rural Disaster Resilience Project (RDRP) and the SIMTEC Project.  It will also serve as a shared office for JIBC staff, researchers and graduate students working on these projects and research under development. 


    Title: All You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex, Soap Operas and Climate Change:  Climate Change and Populations Issues from a Human Rights Perspective.
    Presenter:    William Ryerson, President, Population Media Centre
    Held:   January 22, 2009
    Some of the world's most intractable problems, including gender-based violence, HIV/AIDS and population growth, are now being addressed through the medium of soap operas.  Population Media Centre (PMC) uses a special type of serialized melodrama for changing behaviour related to reproductive health, women's empowerment and protection of children.  Characters in locally written and produced prime-time melodramas on radio and television evolve into role models for the audience on human rights and environmental justice issues and, in the process, lead to population-wide changes in behaviour.

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